Posted on 15 April 2016

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is out, our skin is hydrated, and our melanin is popping. But most importantly, all of the Magical Black Girls around the country are preparing for their annual trip to Cali, for none other than Coachella! 

While the music and the scene are sure to be to poppin, we’re going for something a little different this year.

This weekend, 3 bloggers, Vic Styles, Patrice & Thaina Madere, will be taking over our Snapchat to seek out the coolest black girls at Coachella this year, and bring you some of their Magic!

Our girls will be posting throughout the weekend to bring your some major #HAIRGOALS inspo, and find out their beauty secrets!
They’ll also be demoing products from our April #Onyxbox to show you how you can use them to get Frochella-ready.
And of course, our bloggers will also be curating a playlist of the best summer jams from Coachella, which you can find on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms ;)

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