We've Got 5 On It feat. Maya Smith of The DOUX

Posted on 12 September 2018

Get to know the #GirlBawse behind your new favorite haircare brand, The Doux. We had the pleasure of asking the lovely Maya Smith our top 5 questions about branding, hip-hop, and #blackgirlmagic! 

(1) From the website layout to the packaging, The Doux's marketing is super fresh and unique. What kind of brand advice would you give someone interested in creating their own platform.

I think the most important thing to do first is to just start collecting images of things that inspire you. Whether or not, you want to put them in your brand isn't necessarily the point. What I try to do is just pull inspiration pieces, things that I like, even if they make no sense at all. For me, that's how I'm able to stay so authentic. I try my best not to look at anyone else's stuff for a while, like I just shut down the Internet. We get so many images that we don't even realize [it]. The best piece of advice I'd give to someone trying to start their own personal blog or site, is to just aesthetically select things that you feel represent you and your values and then try to find a way for them all to connect. There is always something that brings them together. You can always make something great, but it doesn't look like you when you're finished.
(2) I love that! Your products have such dope names. My absolute favorite is Mousse Def! I giggled so much at that - it spoke to me instantly! It's clear you are a hip-hop fan. So obviously, I have to ask... What's your top 5? 
Hmmm...let's see...
1 - A Tribe Called Quest 
2 - The Roots
3 - Erykah Badu
4 - Bahamadia
5 - Dr. Dre
(3) As Black women, we are constantly changing our hairstyles. I love that you aren't afraid to use fun colors and explore. Which styles would you say are your 5 fave hair douxes (see what I did there?) What color collection combinations? styles?
I had like this almost white, it was like popcorn yellow, like a Gumbi style. That was one of my favorites. I've done hot pink, I've done like a lavender, I've done all the colors. I think my favorite was the doux-blue. It was a true mint green/blue color and I loved that. Life is too short to have boring hair. It's the yellow, pink, purple, mint green, and hot pink. 
(4) This may make you blush but I have to tell you... You are gorgeous. Seriously. Hair and skin on FLEEK! Do you have at least one beauty secret you can share to maintain a healthy mane or glow?
This is going to sound like your mom or something, but - Drink a lot of water. The foundation is everything. Especially with your skin. Tons of water. 
(5) #BlackGirlMagic is flourishing throughout social media and pop culture. We couldn't be more excited! Who are your current #girlcrushes?
I love Avielle Amour
Peak Mill - she's so cute
ItsMyRayeRaye - I think everyone loves her, she's so cute! 
JFashionGirl - I looove her. she's really sweet and transparent! 
I'm big on authenticity so I like a person's personality. 
Okay now here a couple of popcorn-style questions. Really quick responses. Let's go!
Bonnet or Du-Rag?
DOUX-Rag as in D-O-U-X rag? (YES!)
Wax or Thread?
Empire or Power? 
I caught an episode of Power. It was pretty good. Power.
Make your way to Macon, GA to stop by The Doux Salon and get your life! 
Maya Smith, The Doux www.thedoux.com 

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