How To Achieve That Summer Glow with Bask & Bloom

Posted on 25 July 2016

As the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer, the one question on everyone’s lips is, “How do I achieve that summer glow?” We’ve heard it hundreds of times before: Drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat your greens.

But here at the We Are Onyx HQ, we’ve found another secret weapon, and we just had to tell you about it. Cause that’s what friends do, right? So here it is: The ‘Bask & Bloom’ Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar. I know a lot of naturals are against shampoo’s, because they tend to be extremely drying, but what’s great about this shampoo bar is that it deep cleanses your hair, and still leaves it feeling moisturized. It’s also formulated to clarify the hair so that it’s not necessary to shampoo often. Is this magic? Not quite. Because the shampoo is created using all-natural essential oils such as Coconut, Palm, Castor, Avocado and Sunflower oil, it’s great for clarifying hair (especially if you have product build-up), but also moisturizing your strands.

But what I love the most about this bar, is what it does for my skin. Yes, not only is it great for curly/kinky hair, it is also great on the skin. The secret ingredient, Bentonite Clay, helps detoxify the skin, which not only helps with healing discoloration and acne, but also helps keep your skin, plump, hydrated, but most importantly, ready for summer!

This amazing product debuted in our May Onyxbox! Don't miss another must have, black-owned goodie again. Join the Onyxbox crew:


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