We've Got 5 On It feat. Jasmine Ellis of My Skin TRX

Posted on 12 September 2018

Young, Gifted, and Black - Learn how entrepreneur Jasmine Ellis of My Skin TRX is building her all-natural skincare empire with her handful of beauty tricks!
  "Skincare doesn't have to be boring. That's why I try to put my own little twist to it. "
(1) How did you get started in the skincare business?
I've been in the business of skin since I was a little girl but didn't really know it. I would be one of those kids that would pick at your face. So I would like rip my face open, I'm being dramatic, but that's what it felt like. I would play with pimples and boom I'd have like a scar. Over the years, I learned how to get my skin back to a healthier state with natural products and it made me realize, when my skin is healthy it makes me happy which is why I tie in the whole 'happy skin is healthy skin'. 
(2) I was just going to ask you about that. I think that is such a great way to internalize what it means to have healthy skin. What was your motivation behind this tagline?
I've been there where my skin is looking crazy and my head-is-buried-in-a-book [and]-I-don't-want-to-look-up-because-I'm-so-embarrassed to having freaking flawless skin and drinking lots of water and taking care of myself --- feeling like the best thing walking down the street. Because I know what it feels to not feel like that. It doesn't feel good. I remember being back in Maryland and me and my brothers were over at my mother's house and we were all talking and chatting. And I'm just like making stuff in the kitchen because I love doing it. One of my brothers was telling me 'Jas, my skin is dry. I need that good-good'. My other brother was watching me and said 'Do you know what you have in front of you?' And I was like 'What?' He was like 'This is a thing!' That's when it hit me. 
(3) Aside from your products working amazingly, the presentation is really dope. I love the colors - I like the swirl of the colors - it just very attractive and something you just wanna put your hands in! What advice would you give to someone else would want to develop their own brand?
I would tell them to be fearless and get ready to work. Research your butt off. When I first started, trust me, I was googling 'Where is the book that just tells me how to do it?' - but there wasn't a quick how-to. It took a lot of research, a lot of trial and error. You have to make sure your ducks are in a row. If you are looking to make something classic, that will stand the test of time, get ready to put the work in. 
(4) Give me your definition of black beauty in 5 words. 
(5) Now we are talking about #blackgirlmagic and seeing the influence of that in pop culture and social media. Who are your top girl crushes?
My current girl crushes are Lianne La Havas, ugh I love her! Her music is amazing and that woman is beautiful. I saw her live in Boston and I loved her energy. I love Willow Smith, she's not afraid of being herself. She is so new age and doesn't care [what people think]- I love it! People are always trying to put her in a box and she is not having it! Then there are the classics like Zoe Kravitz - there are so many! 
Okay now here a couple of popcorn-style, quick questions. So - 
Instagram or Snapchat?
Bonnet or Du-Rag?
Wax or Thread?
Thread, for sure. 
Empire or Power? 
Ohhh I am Empire fan 100% 
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Jasmine Ellis, My Skin TRX http://www.myskintrx.com/

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